Training Teachers for aviation communication

Details of our new online training programme for 2020!

We realise that in such uncertain times our partners are looking for more flexibility and choice in their training. As such we are delighted to announce that our Aviation English teacher training course is moving online as part of NILE’s online e-learning portfolio.

The course is modular and takes place at your pace over an 8-week period. You have the full support of the NILE online e-learning platform and regular contact with the course Instructor. Registration is open now and full details of the course and pricing are available here.

We are also open to answering your queries directly at:

Efficient and effective aeronautical communication helps maintain a safe operating environment. Language learning forms an integral part of this communication process and thus demands professional and skilled language training in a communicative context that matches the real-life operational role of the learner.

It is therefore vital for flight safety that trainers charged with teaching language to operational personnel have a real understanding of the specific and unique features of this communication. At English Plus our operational and pedagogical experience ensures that our training programme for aviation English teachers is specifically developed and targeted to develop this understanding.

We also believe that if English teachers and trainers in the highly dynamic world of aviation are as highly qualified and knowledgeable as the students they teach, they are better prepared to deliver high quality and appropriate learning to their students.

Our modular course introduces approaches and knowledge of teaching practice specifically for aeronautical communication between pilots and air traffic control. It allows a development of existing teaching pedagogy and skills, through practical guidance, enabling teachers to help learners communicate in real-life operational contexts in the aviation environment.

Course Units  translate theory and knowledge into practical ‘hands-on’ modules which are participant-centred and entail involvement in tasks and activities relevant to aviation learning contexts for real-world communication.